Phoenix Spirit Filled Churches

Church has been apart of my life since I was about five years old. I live in the Phoenix Arizona area and have been to many different churches and denominations as well. One that stands out to me is the Non Denominational churches Phoenix Arizona area. This church which I will keep anonymous, was especially kind and loving to me and my family. My husband had recently lost his job and are electric was getting shut off, and there was no food in the house. We didn’t know what we were going to do. wallpaper-gospel-faith-hope-loveBut once the church found out our problem, they were happy to help us. They payed are electric bill and gave us a gift card to purchase groceries for us and our four children. This was especially heart touching to me and my husband since we were broke and had no way to pay our electric. We were so appreciative to the church and what they had done for my family. I had never experienced such caring loving people, as I had at that church. Dont get me wrong nondenominational churches arent the only kind loving churches in Phoenix that there are, it was just that one that touched our hearts so much at the time. Christian churches in Phoenix are just about on every corner and it is so easy to pick one out as your home church because there are so many to choose from. To tell you the truth most people in the churches are the same, they act happy, friendly and caring, but when they are at home, they all face the same everyday life problems that everyone else in the world does. I do thank god that there are churches out there that care for all people, not just the ones that give the most in the offering plate. Although I do believe most spirit filled churches Phoenix area seem to be the charismatic nondenominational. But there is the Pentecostal churches that practice spiritual practices such as lifting there hands and praising god, jumping and shouting while being filled with the spirit and speaking in tongues of course. All though I do believe in these things, I also do not believe that you have to do these things to be a spirit filled church or person. My experiences with different Phoenix churches has made me a good judge of the way churches operate. All churches have great faith in god, but the congregations are still just human beings and they can be kind, friendly, loving people but they can also make mistakes and do wrong as well. So you should find a church that excepts everyone, and only cares about teach the true gospel of Christ. Arizona cities are filled with churches. Some of the greatest churches reside there. Scottsdale churches are just as good as Phoenix and they have a large assortment of churches as well. If churches would just worry about getting the word of the lord out instead of preaching and harping on sin then there churches would be filled with people who want to know god and the church.